RUBY SCHOOLS INTERNATIONAL, has a well-structured, comprehensive and dynamic system.

The academic system features world-class curricula, efficient instructional methods, cutting edge technological tools and an empowering student life organization. All of which prepares students for success in life.

RUBY believes in personalized education for every child, and we adopt a blend of Nigerian, American and British curriculum to help us achieve this.

We place an importance on technology which has kept us at the forefront of education .

These technological tools aid student learning and enhances teacher productivity by compiling information on every aspect of RUBY school life, including attendance, discipline, examination and grades among others.

RUBY Schools International is an organization with the dedication, expertise and resources to make a difference through education.

The school is committed to giving adequate attention to moral education, spiritual value, social and a sound academic life.

We provide a solid foundation to students who are reaching their full potential and are on their way to making a difference in the world.



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